Complete Noob's
Guide to Asherah
Darned Near Everything You Could Ever
Want to Know About Spells

(Most of which is probably at least sort of accurate some of the time)


Health Related
Create FoodRaventhorpAuter5002 Blue8MageryCreate food (fish, apples, corn, nectar, ale). If you are starting, it can take 100 casts to begin to get results.
Diminish HungerTerminaOdore8003 Blue9BlessingEases hunger for the target
Minor Heal(Most)Dantan7503 Blue5BlessingHeals 3-5 per cast
ReplenishPeaSmiem30KCrystals22MageryThe engine notes say it's a "Medium Level Healing Spell", although it adds 20-30, which would make it more powerful than Major Heal, which is, as you see, 15-20. Update. This spell throws a script error and has been temporarily removed.
Major HealGalendyrEtosh80K7 Blue20BlessingSame spell as Wenslas casts, adds 15-20
Haste (Temporarily OOS)TownNPCPrice3 Yellow20BlessingSpeeds healing

InxitionZinnNPCPrice1 Yellow4MageryTells how far you are from levelling.
RadarTownNPCPrice1 Yellow6WrathLearn your foe's strengths/weakneses

Smoke BombWudanRoces200K5 WhiteMageryMArtsCreates a temporary cloud of smoke
Dispel IllusionsArthosKalheld100002 Grn15MageryThe description says "Reveals something about illusionists on the same screen" but in reality, it destroys Illusionary Spikes. It's a good defensive spell to have.
Nature ShiftTownNPCPrice1 purp11MageryDisappear?

Kinda Hostile
Stone SkinRhineNPCPrice3 purp9EarthTurns opponent to stone
Poison DartTownNPCPriceCrystals25MageryNotes
WeakenTownNPCPrice5 White30B ArtsWeaken your opponent.
FireswordTownNPCPrice10 Red22/24FireTurns an ordinary sword into a flaming sword
Bless(Not in)Dorter(Not sold by)Uissi60K4 Blue12MageryThe engine sayd "Gives the attacker some divine power". BUT what it will REALLY do is throw a random script error. NICE, HUH!? So don't buy this spell.
Holy WeaponTownNPCPriceCrystals10Magery"let the light shine on your attack
Argon's FistTownNPCPrice1 Yellow8MageryNotes
Magic ShieldTownNPCPrice1 Yellow20WrathProtective Barrier
HoldTwiskTamaw150K5 Purp12B ArtsBriefly hold another person on the screen
Raise DeadLyrNPC3000009 Purp22B ArtsCast this on a tombstone and make zombies appear!

Massively Hostile
CrushGorhukNPCPrice2 White25EarthSeemingly self-explanatory
MeteorGorhukNPCPrice5 Grn34WrathLike crush, only from the sky
FireballGolandNPCPrice2 Red12FireShoots fire
Wind waveDorterUissi900003 Grn17WindAttacks the enemy with wind
SplashTownNPCPrice5 Blue20WaterHose your opponent.
FireboltTownNPCPrice5 Red20FireCast fire on your opponent
WhirlwindTownNPCPrice2 Purp13Wind"Confuses" foe and looks cool
Illusionary SpikesGorhukSamtinver160K3 Red6IllusionNotes
BoltWudanRoces250K9 Grn45WrathShocking!
WebTownNPCPrice3 White21MagerySlows opponent, tough to get rid of off the screen
Holy Shield (TEMPORARILY OOS)AethrasRefera350K9 White50Magery"Summon a heavenly shield to protect you"

Downright Silly
MorphKeldDendyn15K2 Yellow8IllusChanges appearance of the target into...shrubs
Summon CreaturesAethrasNPCPrice2 White13MagerySummon cows that aren't really there

Special Events Only
PortalEvents OnlyNPCPrice10 White32MageryNotes

Or, listed in order of their spell points

Minor Heal5Bless12Replenish22
Illusionary Spikes5Whirlwind13Firesword22
Create Food8Summon Creatures13Raise Dead22
Argon's Fist8Dispel Illusions15Crush25
Morph8Windwave17Poison Dart25
Diminish Hunger9Splash20Weaken30
Stone Skin9Major Heal20Portal32
Holy Weapon10Magic Shield20Meteor34
Nature Shift11Haste20Bolt45
Diminish Hunger12Firebolt20Holy Shield50

Smoke bomb?

*This spell currently appears not to have any influence over your skill points. In tests of over 1,000 casts, it didn't raise any skill. This oversight will be corrected in the next client. However, for the cost of a 2 blue crystals (6 gold, or free if you mine them) you can create food which can either be consumed or sold to raise cash. PLEASE NOTE the fish you create CANNOT be cooked. You will notice these are "fish" and not "raw fish".