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Guide to Asherah

Alchemy, Potions and Elixers

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Potions serve several important functions in the game. Consuming them allows you to regain HP (hit points), SP/MP(spell or mana points) or both. This is vital to your success as you travel through the game fighting monsters. Creating potions boosts your alchemy skill points. There is a potion to match each type of crystal. (Please note that potions will not do anything to allow you to regain "permanently lost" HP. See the section on elixers, below, for more information on that.)

This is how a potion looks in your inventory.

Potions stack in your inventory. That means they appear once on the inventory schematic with a "number of instances" (so it'll say "blue potions 9283", as you see above). Potions do NOT stack in your cabinets or other vaults (see Occasionally Asked Questions, below). If you drop five into a cabinet it will take up five item-spaces in your cabinet).

As you fight monsters or use spells, your HP or MP/SP will decreased. Consuming potions allows you to regain those sp or hp.

To consume a potion (or an elixer) merely left click on it in your inventory and then left click "use".

You will receive a message like this, "You drink the blue potion".

Simultaneously, your HP or SP/MP will go up by a certain amount. That amount is determined by the type of potion or elixer you consume.

There is a certain finesse to administering potions while fighting monsters. When you started, you learned pretty fast that when your HP dropped to a certain point, you had to leave the area with the monsters and find Wenslas. The same principle applies with potions. With practice, you'll learn to pull back from the fight, administer the potions and go back to fighting. This is the best method to counteract what you might consider "weak" armor. Theoretically, if you learn to use potions efficiently, you could fight high level monsters, even with the weakest armor.

Click this link to see a list of potion values.
Click this link to see a list of elixers and their values
Click this link to see instructions on how to make potions.

How to Make Potions

Here's what you need.
  • Crystals (one per potion)
  • Empty Bottles (buy in Alch/Mag shops)(one crystal, one bottle per potion)
  • Sand that matches the crystal (also buy in Alch/Mag shops)
  • Alchemy lab (stand in front of it, facing it)

This is how all of it will look in your inventory.

Left click on the sand and click "Equip".

It will appear on your character's schematic in the inventory pane.

Then left click on the potion bottle in your inventory and click "Mix".

You will receive this message while the potion brews.

If you are successful you will receive this message.

If you were not successful, you will receive this message. When you are first starting out you will get this message more than you will once you have levelled up your alchemy skill.

This is how it looks when the potion appears in your inventory.

Crystals and Potion Creation Guide and Values

Potions are made with crystals. Crystals are obtained either by purchasing them from certain NPCs (there's always an Alch/Mag store in every town). You can also mine them (much cheaper). Remember, crystals stack in your inventory but cannot be dropped into vaults.

HP = Hit Points
SP = Spell Points
The number below that is the guaranteed amount of healing. The "random" number means that you may get a boost in addition to the guaranteed amount. You also may not. If you do it will be between 1 and that number listed (3 or 4).

And in tabular form:


AND for those of you who are seriously into sorting...



Elixers are similar to potions, only more powerful. They cannot be made, but can be purchased from NPCs around the game. They work similarly to potions in that they heal spell points (mana), hit points or both.

Elixer of Minor HealthHP+10
Elixer of Minor ManaSP+10
Elixer of HealthHP+30
Elixer of ManaSP+30
Elixer of RejuvenationSP/HP+30
Elixer of Full HealthHPHP Max
Elixer of Full ManaSPSP Max
Elixer of Full RejuvenationSP/HPHP/SP Max

Additionally there is an Elixer of Regeneration that will assist you if you have permanently lost HP. You will recall that about 30% of the time your character is defeated by monsters you lose HP. That means that, if the potential ceiling for HP is 500 and you lose one HP, you will never be able to get about 499. The problem is not so apparent at early levels. For instance, if you have 20 HP and you lose 1 HP, it says 19. You fight some more monsters and it goes back up to 20. But you STILL have lost one hp off the TOP. This will only become an issue if you want to play very competitively and being in the top ten or in the top position is very important to you.

In that case, you can buy an Elixer of Regeneration from an admin. The current price (subject to change without notice) is $10.00. You cannot buy them in stores, however we occasionally give them as prizes for events. They are administered exactly like all the other elixers (see above). They do not actually GIVE you hitpoints, they only restore the potentiality of hitpoints - that is, they raise the ceiling back up to what it was before you lost HP (in our example, it's 500). When your HP Potential is restored, your HP will not change. However, as you continue to fight monsters you will level up to the maximum HP allowed in the game.

OAQ (Occasionally Asked Questions)

What effect has hunger got on the use of elixers?


What effect has stamina got on the use of elixers?

Sometimes you say "MP" and sometimes "SP". What's the difference?
Functionally, none. In the early days of gaming there were games with MP (magic points), MP (mana points) and SP(spell points). Throughout the history of the game people have used all three terms.

What about nectar?
Nectar add four points to your SP/MP. They are the only food product that rejuvenates SP/MP. The other food products add points to your HP.

How come you can't drop crystals in vaults? I'm pretty sure that's an error. Why don't you fix it?
Thanks for asking. This is a question we get from time to time. One of the first things that happens to new players is they get some crystals and hurry off to their vault and can't drop them in. This is very frustrating since the dagger or dirk or whatever went in beautifully. So why can't we make it so you can drop crystals in vaults?

The short answer is, we can't. It's not that it's physically impossible. First off, you have to understand, and this is actually still tough even for the admins, that nothing that happens on the game is "organic". It's not real. You aren't ACTUALLY picking up anything. In the real world if you had a vault and you had an apple, a crystal and a short sword, you would simply pick them up, open the lid of the vault and pop them in. Simple. But this isn't the real world. Everything you see (and don't see) on the game is control by scripts (documents which can contain numerous lines of text commands). All the scripts and in fact, every line in every script has to agree with all the other scripts. In this game, some of the scripts are up to 4,000 lines long, and there are over 1,000 scripts. That's a LOT of data.

Crystals are programmed differently from "normal" items (like daggers, for instance). They are created and controlled by an entirely different set of scripts. This is made more complex by the fact that crystals perform multiple functions in the game (archery, spells, potion-making). They are a consumable resource tied to multiple items and repeated consumption protocols. Fundamentally that means that crystals HAVE to be at your immediate disposal for use in spells, archery, potion-making, etc. To change it would require a complete rewrite of an enormous amount of code (a minimum of 1000 lines in several different scripts and an incalculable maximum - I stopped at a 1000 lines when checking it again this morning). The PROBABILITY of messing up something else while trying to add that innovation makes it a risky proposition. Furthermore, if, every time any player on the game needed a crystal that wasn't on their immediate inventory, server processing would be taken up searching through all the vaults to find each individual crystal it would create inexcusable lag. In the event the other day, one of the combatants fired 800 arrows. If each time he fired, the program had to search all vaults for his crystals (800 times!) that would create emormous lag. So would it be nice? Possibly. Is it necessary? Doubtful. Could it be detrimental? Definitely.

Then what do you do? Crystals stack on your inventory. You have 15 slots available. At most, six can be taken up with crystals. That leaves you nine slots, a potential for two vaults and an unlimited number of crates and cabinets in which to store other items. Part of game strategy is resource management. What do you keep? What do you keep on your person or your immediate inventory? What do you put in storage? What do you get rid of?

It's a really good question, and thanks for bringing it up.

I don't like where the crystals are in my inventory. I want them lined up from the weakest to the strongest (or was it from the strongest to the weakest?), not be all over the place. Can't you reprogram the game to do that?

That's another of those questions that's answered "Sure, if we wanted to spent many hours on something that isn't vital to gameplay, only bothers a tiny fraction of the population and has the potential to mess things up elsewhere in the program." If you are REALLY bothered by it (I'm bothered by it but not sufficiently to rewrite my inventory), then for a nominal fee/donation, we can fix you up with crystals in ranked order. If you're interested, talk to an admin.

What about my potions?
Same thing.

Are there any other secrets that you aren't telling us about?
This is it. You should remember, however, that crystals also work with spells and arrows. Please refer to those sections for more information.


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