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As with the Swords Page this page contains lots of information about various weapons except where they can be bought and for how much. That will be added later. As far as I know there aren't any melee weapons that are unique to Asherah. Not all these are necessarily available in Asherah at the present time, but all appear in the default FSO .dir files. I'm adding them because a lot of players have those default FSO .dir files and are aware that those weapons exist. We acknowledge they exist, but if we don't have it, we don't have it. If the thing "exists" but we don't have it in the game, you can be confident that it was, in some way, miscoded or there were problems with it that outweighed whatever good there was.

As with the swords, we have listed the ATT power given in the .dir files. The Att Power button on the GUI may give you a different reading and you may notice different readings when you actually use the weapons. We will slowly begin adding test data to each weapon's stats as time allows.

Please note. The ATTPower and MaxAtt figures are base stats only. As noted in the Skills page, on the Donations page, and on several other pages, additional boosts may be given depending on rings, random skill factors, membership in factions or the monster that you're fighting. It's good for showing you relative base strengths between weapons, not to reflect the absolute attpower you will have when you use the weapon.

Key to the Skills

  • N/A = Not Available/Not Applicable
  • A = Archery
  • AF = Axe Fighting
  • F = Fencing
  • HW = Hammer Wielding
  • HA = Heavy Arms
  • MA = Martial Arts
  • P = Punch
  • S = Slash
  • SF = Staff Fighting
  • Sw = Swordsmanship
  • T = Thrust
  • UC = Unholy Combat

Hammer/Heavy Arms Class

Blacksmith HammerHam/HA03Iron IngotHW,HA
Mining HammerHam/HA25Iron IngotHW,HA
Unholy Lance Ham/HA 5 10 N/A UC,S,T,SW,F,HA
War Hammer Ham/HA 9 14 Steel Ingot HW,S,T,HA
Thor's Hammer Ham/HA 12 18 Star Ingot HW,S,T,HA
Fire HammerN/AN/AN/A Ruby Ingot HW,HA
Ice HammerN/AN/A N/A Sapphire Ingot HW,HA

Stave Class

Earth RodStaves03N/AN/A
Fire RodStaves0 3N/AN/A
Fishing RodStaves03N/AN/A
Heal RodStaves0 3N/AN/A
Water Rod Staves03N/AN/A
Wind RodStaves0 3N/AN/A
Wooden StaffStaves2 5N/ASF
Steel StaffStaves37 Steel IngotSF
Fire StaffStaves37N/AN/A
Gold StaffStaves48Gold IngotSF
Lord's StaffStaves612N/A SF

Axe Class

AxeAxe46Iron IngotS, T, HA, AF
Elven AxeAxe519N/AS, T, HA, AF
Gold AxeAxe622Gold IngotS, T, HA, AF

Martial Arts

BoMartial Arts513N/AMA,T,SW,F,S
N/ANothingMartial ArtsN/AN/AN/AP, MA
Please note that all crossbows (listed with archery, below) are also included in the Martial Arts Skills but not in the specific Martial Arts Class.