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Please Note. We have tried to answer questions thoroughly and accurately. We assume many people who come here looking for answers are young people who may be unfamiliar with many of the concepts necessary to understand the answers. Our player base officially starts at 13, but we are aware some children as young as eight have, in the past, been regular players (and had many questions). For instance, the question "How do skills level" could be answered in three letters - "RNG". That's fine if you know what that means. If YOU don't need the longer explanations, by all means, skip them. They aren't addressed to you, and we don't mean any insult to anyone by giving more explanation than ANY player MIGHT need. For those of you who are computer programmers, minutely familiar with the program we're using, or interested in making a game of your own, these explanations may seem simplistic or incomplete. We are sorry but we cannot provide assistance to people making their own games. For information about making a game of your own, please consult the publisher of the software you wish to use.

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Why is it that Swordsmanship can't start leveling until you're at 51 Thrust but you gain levels much faster in Swordsmanship than in Thrust?

All skill leveling depends on the Random Numbers Generator (RNG). Reduced to its most basic form, the RNG works as follows. When a player selects an skill-related activity, the server picks a random number within a range of assigned numbers. The player's client also picks a number from same range of assigned numbers. When those two numbers match, a level is awarded for that character.

Let's say the range is between one and a hundred. If the server chooses 72 and the client chooses 15, the system "rolls" again. If this time the server chooses 41 and the client also chooses 41, the player will level up.

If the ratio between one and the highest number in the range is higher, then the chance of leveling up is slight. For instance, if you have a 1:5 chance of leveling up, you're obviously going to level up much faster than if there's a 1:200 chance.

In the case of thrust, you have a one in forty chance of leveling up every time you do something that uses thrust. You have a one in 25 chance of leveling up every time you do swordsmanship, so swordsmanship would level up about twice as fast as Thrust. Since swordsmanship will not start leveling until you reach 51 in Thrust, at some point, the Swordsmanship skill level will overtake and surpass the Thrust skill level.